The Magic of Conifers: A Video

As cold and flu season begins to loom, it’s time to call on the protective and healing powers of conifers. Towering over the forest canopy, their top branches are always nourished by the sun but their roots extend deeply into the earth. And when winter makes demands on our reserves of energy, endurance and warmth, we can count on their grounding and revitalizing energy for support.

Easy to cook with, nutritious and delicious their flavours can be described as citrusy, herbaceous and similar to rosemary, and can be used in everything from teas, sugars, finishing salts, cookies, shortbread, candy, liqueur, cocktails and old-fashioned tonic syrups. So discover how the revitalizing energy of Pine, Spruce and Fir needles can help to fortify your body, boost your immune system and brighten your spirits!

For more information on conifers click here. You can find the recipes in this video by entering the word conifer in the search bar (top right).

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Whether its through wildcrafting, plant medicine, kitchen witchery or seasonal celebrations, I believe we can enhance personal, community and planetary well-being by connecting with mother nature!

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