Gathered with Love, Handcrafted with a Touch of Magic…


Gather Victoria is proud to present its first collection of wild edibles and medicines for market. Inspired by the fragrance, flavour and medicinal power of evergreens, we’ve wildcrafted a selection of small batch, artisanal festive delights: aromatic infused sugars & finishing salts, forest cocktail bitters & conifer syrups, delicious elixirs & winter woodland teas filled with wild herbs, berries and blossoms. And if you want to know why cooking with conifers is so darn delicious (and good for you!) make sure you check out our last post here.

Gather Wild Edibles & Medicines are all gathered with love and handcrafted with a touch of magic. So come down and see us at Moonrise Creative‘s Winter Market this Sunday (Nov. 29th) at 17.5 Fan Tan Alley. We’ll be there from 11-4. Oh and did we mention we’ll also be offering some festive wildcrafted cookies! Get there early for best selection – limited small batch editions of each product.

Thumprint Sugar Cookies made with Hawthorn berry jam, Osoberry & Oregon grape Jam and Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly.

Here’s some of what we’ll be offering….


Grand Fir Elixir: Rejuvenating Winter Tonic

This delicious, medicinal conifer syrup can be taken straight up during cold and flu season, or used in cocktails, mixed into yogurt, sparkling water or tea.  Grand Fir, White Fir, Douglas Fir needles, organic orange and lemon peel, Vancouver Island honey, organic brown sugar, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic nutmeg, cloves, grand fir tincture, alcohol.


Grand Fir Herbal Finishing Salts

This savory, aromatic salt can be substituted for lemon or rosemary in recipes. The bright citrusy notes of grand fir blend with vitamin-rich, immune-boosting forest herbs, seeds and blossoms. Grand fir needles, sea salt, nettle seeds, oregon grape blossoms, sheep sorrel seeds, organic dried orange and lemon rind, wild onion and garlic.


Grand Fir Finishing Sugars

Sprinkle this glittering organic grand fir finishing sugar on everything from mince pies to shortbread cookies. Bright bits of orange peel and rose hips elevate the citrusy notes of the grand fir and add a sweet fragrant kiss of Vitamin C to your favourite cup of tea. grand fir needles, organic orange, rose hips, organic cane sugar.


Winter Woodland Tea: Immunity Booster

The healing powers of fragrant evergreens, woodland herbs, wild berries come to life in this forest tea. Will help support your immune system and combat flus and colds. Grand fir, White Fir, Douglas Fir, organic native blackberry leaf, organic rose hips, dried oregon grape berries, dried oregon grape blossoms, dried hawthorn berries, bayberries, organic wild rose petals, usnea, dried organic orange peel, organic cloves.



Cedar & Fir Bath Salts

Allow the medicinal essential oils and soothing deep forest fragrance of cedar and fir to relax and rejuvenate you, body and soul. Place 1/3 cup in small cloth bag and throw in tub.  Cedar and Fir needles and cones, sea salt, epsom salts, dried calendula petals, wild rose petals, cedar essential oil.


Grand Fir Cocktail Aromatics

Make your spirits bright! Add a few drops of our wildcrafted grand-fir aromatics to cocktails or sparkling water for seasonal digestifs and aperitifs. Use in place of vanilla extract in baking or add to honey for an immune-boosting syrup brimming with Vitamin C & mood-boosting aromatics. grand fir needles, alcohol.


And many thanks to the amazing artist Alesha Davies Fowlie for our beautiful new logo! This was entirely papercut by hand and is so beautiful we are utterly thrilled. Check out Alesha’s wonderful work at her website




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Whether its through wildcrafting, plant medicine, kitchen witchery or seasonal celebrations, I believe we can enhance personal, community and planetary well-being by connecting with mother nature!

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