Introducing Gather Victoria!

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Spring Magic: Foraging & Cooking with Plum Blossom

Standing beneath the sensual flower-laden branches of blossoming plum tree on a sun-warmed afternoon is an absolutely swoon-worthy experience. Its heady sweet almond-like fragrance infuses beautifully in cream, syrups, cordials, vinegar, salads, cookies and cakes and makes everything it touches taste like spring. 


Celebrate Spring: The Ancient Magical Language of Eggs

Today decorated eggs are associated in the west with the Christian holiday of Easter. But do their magical designs and symbols date back to an ancient goddess-worshipping culture thousands of years old?

Feast of Light: The Sacred Foods of Imbolc

Rediscover the ancient food magic of the Midwinter Feast of Lights. Known to the Celts as Imbolc or Brigid’s Feast Day, it celebrated the arrival of the sun goddess Brigid (and the first stirrings of spring) with oodles of candles and plenty of magical foods- all of which ensured Brigid’s blessings in the coming year.

Remembering The Deer Mother of Winter Solstice

It’s the season when we tell children the tales of Santa and his flying reindeer. But this year why not tell the story of the sacred “Deer Mother” of old? Taking flight from the darkest longest night of the year, it was she who brought the life-giving light of the sun back to the land, in her horns.

The Healing Power of Conifers: Comfort & Joy

As cold and flu season begins to loom, it’s time to call on the protective & healing powers of conifers. Evergreen and ever vital, the revitalizing energy and delicious flavour of Pine, Spruce and Fir will fortify the body, boost your immune system and brighten your spirits!

Abundance Magic: Calling On The Horn Of Plenty

Spilling with fruits, grains, gourds and flowers, the cornucopia still adorns Thanksgiving tables, but its mystical significance and magical power are barely remembered, never mind utilized. So why not craft a little cornucopia magic of your own? Because if “gratitude attitude” is the key to prosperity nothing says it better than the ole’ horn of plenty.

Super Nutritious & Super Delicious Dandelion Root Treats

Tis the season for harvesting that super nutritious and medicinal powerhouse—dandelion root! And my favourite seasonal way to enjoy their superfood goodness is in delicious sweet treats that are sooo good for you—they’re practically guilt free.

Soul Cakes for All Hallows Eve

This scary video brings you some spoooky Halloween food – Soul Cakes! Given out for hundreds of years, they were the original “treats” baked at Hallowtide to feed the dead, honour the ancestors and ward off the ghouls that went bump in the night!

 The Witches Tree: The Ancient Magical Lore of Rowan

Explore the enchanted feminine folklore behind this often overlooked, but utterly bewitching berry!

The Old World Magic of Samhain

November 7th is the traditional date of Samhain. And tonight as the dusk falls, I offer this video in remembrance of the old magic of the Witches New Year. Blessed be.


Our Lady of The Wilds

Roundabouts the August full moon, an ancient hallowed festival was held in honour of Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Wild. Called Nemoralia or Diana’s Feast of the Torches it was celebrated August 13th at Diana’s sacred forest grove at Lake Nemi in Italy. I’m making some cakes and libations traditionally offered to her at that time (recipes coming soon) but meanwhile, learn more about Nemoralia here!