Why Gather?


Today as we plunder our forests, poison our food, water, air and land, it’s pretty clear that we are in the grip of what author and psychologist Richard Louv calls “nature deficit disorder”. We eat industrially processed food and live, sleep and work in artificial environments that minimize our contact with nature. And as David Suzuki points out (see here) many of us lack a meaningful, regular connection with the natural environment.

I believe the cure for nature-deficit disorder lies in an important tenet of  “deep ecology, that it will take more than environmental laws to achieve true sustainability. We need to re-establish our personal connection with the earth. According to Suzuki, those who “know and love nature work harder to protect it,” becoming involved in environmental causes such as protecting wild spaces, greening urban neighbourhoods and creating local sustainable food systems. (See this post on community supported foraging)

Gathering the food we need to survive is our oldest, most primal relationship to the planet. Ancestral food wisdom reconnects us to a vital truth, it’s the earth – not technology  – that sustains us. That’s why Gather is committed to enhancing personal and planetary well-being by uniting people in biophiliathe love of nature.





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  1. I am a Canadian in Japan. I am training with Global Institute for Forest Therapy. I wanted to see if I could use plum blossoms to make a tea and I found this page. Wow! This is what is all about. LOVE IT! Thank you.

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