Seasonal Celebrations


The Midwinter Festival of Lights

— In February we celebrated Imbolc, one of the oldest and most beautiful traditions of the changing seasons.  It is the traditional time for new beginnings and for creating rituals to ensure abundance for the coming year.


We enjoyed an afternoon of storytelling, weaving greenery into sun wheels, wreaths and crowns to welcome the return of the sun. After toasting the goddess of spring, we celebrated with a magical repast of spiced drink, sheep cheese, braided breads, honey cakes & more. (see photos here)


Eggs Magical Eggs: Celebrating the Spring Equinox

Gather hosted a candlelit evening of egg magic in honour of the coming of Spring. Artist Elisa Rathje of Appleturnover guided us through the old-time art of dyeing eggs using local plants and vegetables. We explored the magical uses of herbs used to bring good luck, love, fertility and abundance. Afterwards we completed our celebration with a spring equinox-inspired feast which intertwined wild and local seasonal ingredients with traditional cross cultural recipes. (See photos here)




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