Coming up in April…

We’re thrilled and excited to announce two new magical events coming up this April! We hope you can join us!


Wild Greens Pesto Workshop: Conjuring Culinary Magic

Sunday, April 10th 1-4:00 PM | Location: CDI College 950 Kings Road, Victoria | Cost: $50/person 

Fresh, vibrant, tangy, zesty, spicy and garlicky are only some of the adjectives used to describe wildcrafted pesto. But how about spellbinding? From dandelion, garlic mustard, and sorrel to nettles, lemon balm, blossoms and beyond—these super nutritious “weeds” and herbs have a long magical history. Divination, spiritual connection and divine healing are just a few of the magical properties you can harvest from your backyard and in your neighbourhood. AND they make ridiculously delicious pestos you can use in sauces, soups, dips and condiments—and  serve with practically anything! So please join us on Sunday, April 3rd to blend flavours and folklore to conjure up your own batch of wild and enchanted pesto!

Our afternoon includes a brief identification walk, magical wild greens pesto workshop and wildcrafted tea and pesto tasting! Please bring two small mason jars to bring home your charmed culinary creations!



April Wild Food Walk & Tasting: The Spring Magic of Venus

Sunday April 24th, 1-3:30 PM | Location: CDI College, 950 Kings Rd, Victoria | Cost: $50/person

Please join us for a Wild Food Walk & Tasting inspired by Venus, the patron goddess of April. Venus is the primavera, the spring energy that adorns the landscape with blossoms and blesses all things green and growing with life and invigoration. And so, we’re cooking up a wildcrafted “primavera” culinary celebration in her honour!

We’ll begin outdoors as we learn to identify Venus’s signature plants (like violet, daisy, plantain and burdock) and how they were traditionally consumed in foods and healing medicines. And of course, as Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, we’ll explore how her plants were used in magic for beauty, fidelity, love, and youth. 

Back at Gather HQ, we’ll sit down for an April tasting of seasonal wild delights. From the old traditions of spring greens in horta and primavera pasta salad, to a sampling of savoury spring herb-infused dips, pesto and cheese, to a selection of Venus-inspired floral desserts like ox-eye daisy cupcakes and wild violet panna cotta—we invite you to experience the magic of spring as you never have before! 

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