WE DID IT!!! Your Gather Patron Rewards Are On The Way!

I’m so totally thrilled!!! Thanks to the generous support of Gather Patrons I’ve finally met my Patron funding Goal!!!  This means I’ve got enough funding (and the time it buys) to get to work expanding Gather’s offerings to e-cookbooks and videos (more on that below.) And for all you patient patrons out there who have been donating faithfully each month, here’s an update on where we’re at with the Patron Rewards!

Patrons at the $3.00 dollar level will continue to get my Gathering Diary. Right now I’m working on three posts, a behind the scenes peek at the recipes I created for the coming Outlander themed edition of Faerie Magazine (out in September). The theme is fireside treats and romantic tête-à-têtesI can’t show you the pictures just yet, but I can share the Thistle Jelly recipe as its already up and out there!


I’ll also be sharing my most favourite easy way to consume the abundant bounty of nutrient-rich berries, fruits and herbs of late summer – especially the ones I don’t get around to processing or preserving.  Here’s a clue – I just drink them!

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For patrons at the $5.00 dollar level, the new August plant profiles and recipes for the Wildcrafting The Culinary Magic of Summer E-Cookbook will be out by the end of the week. You’ll find recipes for Nasturtium Blossom Baked Ricotta Dip, Nasturtium Leaf Chips, Black Hawthorn & Crabapple Black Sauce, Milk Thistle Seed Chocolate Honey Cake, Chocolate Almond Sable Cookies with Queen Anne’s Lace Sugar, and more!

And because the roses are still blooming, I’ll finally be including the recipe for Rose Marchpane (and old Tudor treat similar to Marzipan). This will round out and complete the Summer Edition to nearly 100 pages! Phew!

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In the fall, $5.00 patrons will start to receive preview pages for the upcoming Autumn Gather E-Cookbook called WILD! Condiments: Preserving Nature’s Bounty for Health, Healing & Culinary Delight. Why condiments? Well, they’re one of the best ways to make wild foods an everyday part of your diet, and they make a delicious accompaniment alongside practically any dish. Plus they’re easy and cheap to make!

In this E-cookbook I’m going to gather up all favourite condiment recipes and show you how with just a little chopping & mixing you can make ketchup, relish, chutney, pesto, chimichurri, pickles, salsa, antipasto, jellies, sauces, vinegars, dressings and ferments that will bring wild new dimensions of flavour and nutrition to your everyday meals. This E-cookbook will eventually be available for purchase – but Patrons get a free copy when it’s done, along with their previews.

For my $10.00 dollar patrons – the videos are coming! Now I’ve met my funding goal I’m going to be buying a DSLR camera, but meanwhile, I borrowed one and have been busy shooting, experimenting and learning. I think for the first online instructionals I’m going to keep with the theme of wildcrafted condiments and show you how to harvest and make some of the recipes (like hawthorn ketchup) as well as a few extras not in the book, like how to harvest and preserve wild seeds to make wild seed crackers.  I hope to have the first videos up by October. Thank you for your patience!

For local patrons at the $15.00 – we are going to get out for a walk I promise! I haven’t been able to get enough people together during July and August, but I’m hoping after the September long weekend people will be back from holidays.  But I’ll hold a walk for Patrons no matter what – likely Sept. 16th or 23rd – any preference?

And finally, for my $20.00 and $75.00 dollar patrons – your goodies are coming! I’ve been finishing off the tonic syrups and the last of the goodies that will go into the Summer Basket. There will be two tonic syrups coming, the first is the Rose Moon Elixir, a blend of rose, honeysuckle,  linden, elder blossom, sweet cicely, yarrow and motherwort, preserved with flowering spring currant extract and sweetened with wild rose infused honey and organic maple syrup.  And as it was made and sat out under the Rose Moon (the full moon in June) this elixir is potent with lunar love magic!

The second syrup is a vitalizing berrylicious blend of wild berries (salal, black chokeberries, elderberry,  black hawthorn, Oregon grape) with yellow roses, self-heal, wild alfalfa, wild fennel blossoms, red clover, and meadowsweet.

The Gather Goody Baskets will also contain the syrups and a selection of herbal seed salts ( crow garlic seasoning salt, spring gold & nettle seed gomashio) and Rugosa Rose culinary sugars and salts.  There will be a honeysuckle floral extract as well as a magical floral extract I made earlier in spring with lilac blossoms, spruce tips, rugosa rose, hawthorn blossom and lime (wonderful for cocktails – and for enhancing beauty & love in your life).

I’ve also included a calming, immunity boosting tea (Douglas fir tips, wild Nootka rose and peachy yellow rose petals, elder blossoms, pineapple weed, red clover, wild alfalfa and dried Oregon grape and black hawthorn berries). Plus there will be a sample of Grand Fir infused oil that will have your eyes rolling back in pleasure. Seriously.

I want to include a sweet treat too, today I’ll be making Staghorn Sumac Sour Gummies and hopefully, if they turn out (the last batch was a little too soft) they will be winging your way soon. If not, there will be herbal infused chocolate truffles!

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So in the next few days, I’ll be gathering it all together and getting it ready to go. And I must say I’ve been overwhelmed with all the packaging options! Of course, I want it pretty, but it has to be practical (not leak) and as eco-friendly as possible. Not to mention very light for shipping! I hope to wade my way through the final decisions this week and get the Goody Baskets assembled and shipped out by the end of August.

Please understand if I can’t get it out in an actual basket (too big & heavy) so it will be more of a Goody Box. Also, everything might not be packaged as actually seen here, for example, I don’t trust those corks on the Grand Fir Oils not to leak so they’ll likely be in glass vials with caps!

Thank you so, so much everyone for your continuing support & for your patience! I must also admit I’m a little overwhelmed (but thrilled!) with all the new work on my plate. So until I get into a regular routine, I ask you to continue to bear with me until I get things flowing smoothly!

Much love & gratitude,


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