A Bounty of Spring Recipes: A Gathering Diary Preview!

I want to deeply, from the bottom of my heart, thank all of you for your continued kind messages and gestures of support. I want to especially thank Gather Patrons as your generous financial support means I’m now not only able to spend more time cooking up recipes, but that I’m nearing my goal to finally buy a real camera (not my phone!) to take pictures and videos. This will enable me to begin work on the cookbook and online videos I’ve promised y’all!

And while I’m still short of my $1000.00 dollar goal I want to show my appreciation for your patient support by continuing my Gathering Diary Sneak Peeks. I’ll still provide these as unlocked posts on Patreon as incentive for others to become a patron, but by summer they’ll be exclusive to Gather patrons. But right now, for this April and May, from spring weeds to spring blossoms, I’ve got a spring bounty of savory dishes, sweet treats and condiments to share!

There will be plum blossom and violet white chocolate truffles, calming lemon balm and juniper berry sugar cookies, primrose and pansy curd, sheep sorrel cupcakes, dandelion root peanut butter and chocolate oat bars – and more. And when it comes to savories I’ll be sharing recipes for nettle & potato nests, miner’s lettuce tater tots and garlic mustard bread dipping oil. And because April & May are the time for ancient flower festivals like Floralia and Rosalia, there most likely will also be magical floral liqueurs and flower honey elixirs!

I’m going to start with the most time-sensitive – The Spring Blossom & Wild Violet White Chocolate Truffles! Already here in Victoria the falling blossoms are rendering sidewalks snowy pink. And while the violets have a little time left, they will likely cease blooming in a month. So if you’d like to try these divine truffles you need to move fast, this is one sweet taste sensation you don’t want to miss! The recipe link is here.


Thank-you again for your most generous support. I am touched there are so many of you who believe in Gather’s work – and it fills me with gratitude every single day!

Spring Blessings,




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  1. Please let me know when your book comes out.I loved your site.Thankyou for sharing.

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