Spicy & Sweet Hawthorn Ketchup: Reviving a Traditional Recipe



Thick and robustly tangy, my all-time favorite condiment is good old fashioned “Haws Ketchup”. Made from the bright crimson berries of the Hawthorn tree (which you can find a stone’s throw away from where ever you stand in Victoria) it compliments roasted meats, scrambled eggs and a big basket of steaming homemade fries equally.


A mainstay in the hedgerows of the British Isles, hawthorn berries were used to make jellies, wines, preserves, chutneys, pies, and sauces. Today they are a forgotten food source which is sad considering they are packed with B-vitamins,  folic acid,  Vitamin C  and antioxidants like proanthocyanidinsand flavonoids and medicinal properties that promote cardiovascular health. Enhancing the heart’s ability to contract while gently relaxing blood vessels, hawthorn has been shown in countless studies to not only make arteries more pliable but repair damaged vessel walls.


On their own, hawthorn berries aren’t…

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Whether its through wildcrafting, plant medicine, kitchen witchery or seasonal celebrations, I believe we can enhance personal, community and planetary well-being by connecting with mother nature!

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