Night Song Flower Farm + Gather

Local Sustainable Flower Farm Teams Up With Gather for May Workshop

Night Song Farm anemone
Night Song Farm anemone

A few weeks ago I headed out to Alderlea Biodynamic Farm for their annual Nettle Festival. It was, as expected, delicious, beautiful and inspiring. Alderlea is a magical place with a family-run organic cafe and pastoral views that make you happy to be alive. It’s also community run or CSA (community supported agriculture) meaning you can buy shares in the crop and take home fresh, biodynamic produce every week. It’s a perfect place and you should go there and support them!

What about the flowers, you may wonder. Right. Well, after several glasses of nettle iced tea, I found myself pondering the Alderlea cafe bulletin board, placed thoughtfully outside the loo. As I already had our upcoming Wild May Picnic on my mind, a flyer for a sustainable flower farm caught my eye. I had no idea we even had such a place on the island, never mind a flower farm called Night Song. How lovely is that. And so, as nature’s call was getting ever more insistent, I snapped a photo of it and decided to check out their website later.

And I did. And I was able to confirm my smittenness. Not only does Night Song Farm make unique and beautiful flower arrangements, they also supply local restaurants with edible flowers and offer a bouquet subscription service. Local, sustainable agriculture never looked so pretty. I shared the link with Danielle, my partner in Gather, and we agreed that wouldn’t-it-be-wonderful if they’d participate in our upcoming, very flowery, May event. I emailed a long shot pitch and the “they” who turned out be owner/farmer Linda Mimeault responded in the affirmativeshe would indeed like to be involved.

A flower farm in the spring.
A flower farm in the spring.

And so to make a long story longer, I’m thrilled to announce that Linda Mimeault, owner of Night Song Farm, will be teaching the workshop portion of our Wild May Picnic! She’ll show us how to arrange May baskets and to make flower crowns. Here’s more about Linda in her own words:

I am a self-taught organic farmer and floral designer.  Fifteen years ago, a friend offered me a trade: she would teach me how to sow seeds in exchange for some bookkeeping help.  That day, when I held a tiny seed in my hand and placed it on the soil, my life changed!  I gardened in pots until I could have beds and today, I have fields.  I am still in awe of what comes out of each seed I sow and I am deeply grateful for the lessons nature teaches me each day.

Night Song Farm is my little piece of paradise, located in Glenora, an area of rolling hills, farms and vineyards in the Cowichan Valley.  Over the course of the season, I grow hundreds of varieties of flowers and foliage with which I create beautiful bouquets that celebrate nature’s abundance and vitality and reflect the riches of each season.  From April through October, I offer a bouquet subscription service, where you can sign up to receive a weekly or bi-weekly bouquet.  I also provide the complete gamut of wedding arrangements for those couples who are seeking local, sustainable, unique and vibrant wedding flowers.

So, you can see why we’re so over the moon about working with Linda. That, and we get to visit Linda next week to discuss crowns and baskets on a FLOWER FARM. We’ll be sure to snap photos to share/incite jealousy. In the meantime, we still have a few spaces left for our May Picnic. If you’re local, you may want to snag a ticket.

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